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Recreational fishing rules in Queensland - Tidal waters  



Fishing KURUMBA   by Garry Nichols   19/6/2006 

One Queenie on the first day with the above then the weather turned

messy. Next day I woke up to find two rods missing from the boat. The

Pfluger 9000 spin reel coupled to an 8' pelagic that I had not used

although I had lent it to a bloke on board as his gear was crap. Also

lost a HA3000 loaded with braid mounted on my late fathers Shimmano Bull

whip. They new what they were after as they picked up another blokes

combo from a rod holder and placed it back on the boat floor choosing

instead my Reel-Em In gear. It goes to show that even thieves have taste.



Fishing North of Bowen   by Jamie Mctagget  20/2/2006 


Fishing by Adre at Hervey Bay  12/2005  



Fishing at Port Albert by Neville Lowe 29/10/2005



Report by Robert Lang  Fishing at twin bridges  5/2005

The Telstra boys while on a canoe trip down the Brisbane river camped at twin bridges

 over night and tried their luck at fishing here is the winner for the competition .

Mark Hardy with his prize getter 










Try using bait next time and leave the yellow cans at home.


Report by Des Kenyon  Fishing trip out off Stradbroke Island 29/4/2005

The start of the Bush & Beach family fishing classic.

The weather was forecast for light winds and that's what we got. The jumping pin bar was dead flat as we

 headed for the bait fish grounds.  Once here we located the bait fish and soon had enough for the mornings 

fishing.  It was then off to the  pinnacles to see if we could catch a prize winning snapper. As it turned out 

we never did  get that prize winner but all in all the snapper of a good table size and we filled the ice box 

with a nice feed. 


Report by Des Kenyon  Fishing trip out of Bribie Island 24/3/2005

Report by Des Kenyon  Fishing trip out of Harvey Bay 27/11/2004

Weather winds from the south east 15 km we headed to the top end of Fraser Island our

 first stop was at Platypus bay where we picked up some mackerel. We then headed up

 to Rooneys point  to get out of the wind  here we caught some squire a  large morwong

 and some more Mackerel  13 in total not a bad trip .

The mackerel were caught on the troll with Prince lures or while bottom fishing 


Report by Barry Parker Fishing trip out of STRADEBROKE

The boys were into the Snapper  again  10/2004 nice Parrot





Report by Barry Parker Fishing trip out of Bundaberg

The boys were into the reds and the sweetlip again  9/2004



Report by Wayne Lang         Hideaway bay     1/3/2004

Some nice reef fish caught,  The Spangled Emperor weighed in at just under 6 kilos ..(and that was after 

it was gutted ).

  waynes biggun.jpg (26437 bytes)  more of biggun.jpg (43306 bytes)


"thats the biggest fish I've ever caught "


Report by Brian Harris 9/2/2004

Hi Barry
            Caught these two gummies in western port with 7ft pelagic and pices reel with 20lb monofilament line and 4/0 nickel-beaked hooks, had great battle with a 4-5ft stingray, rod/reel  preformed great.
 wpe5.jpg (22395 bytes)


Reflections from Innisfail             9 Jan. 04


It is now 2004 and I find my self with a little spare time on my hands. Iím coming to 

the end of a couple of weeks break from ďThe JobĒ, the boat motor is suffering from 

stress (gearbox), the board of directors (wife) is away caring for her 93yo Dad, while 

the apprentice director (daughter) is getting some beauty sleep in preparation for 

another party. Of course yours truly is required at midnight or there about, to chauffeur

 said apprentice and mateís home.  To top it off the first Day-nighter clashes with said 

party (well Dad they could re-schedule the game) so nary a drop of the heavy stuff will

 pass my lips due to the needs of the apprentice.


Two nights ago Stan (mate and father to apprentice No 2) and I along with a work associate

 from Townsville headed out to the wide grounds off Innisfail in search of Redís. 

Accompanying us in their own rig was Ray (father) and Brett (son), Reel-em-in customers 

in search of their first ever Red Emperor capture. Upon leaving I suggested to apprentices

 they may wish to stay up until after midnight and assist with the cleaning of fish and 

equipment when we arrived back home. Now being exceptional apprentices we received

 the standard Board of directorís reply of, donít disturb us when you get home, we have 

plans for tomorrow (shopping) and we will need all the rest we can get along with a 

substantial injection of funds, just to make the effort worth while. Now I thought we 

males were the hunters and gatherers, you know the predators; perhaps it has something 

to do with thechanging weather pattern  (EL- Ne-fem-dominance) or the New Year!


We left Mourilyan harbor at 5pm and headed out directly into a short, sharp, easterly chop.

 Not the most comfortable of seas to traverse in a 16ft side console tinny, so we changed 

course for a spot I had fished previously, offering some protection, 27 miles out from home.

 We both dropped pick just on last light at 

the same mark only meters apart, the problem was we didnít hold, whilst Ray and Brett did. 

As we drifted 

over the mark Stan hooked up on a good head shaker (possible Red) only to have the hook 

pull 20 ft off the bottom. The same thing happened to him on the very next drop, it was 

then he checked his hooks only to discover he could have ridden to Bourke and back on the

 point and not broken the skin. Needless to say Brett cracked his first red of around 12 pounds

 and Ray chimed in with a smaller one, they also put a couple of nice Spangle's Spangled

 Emperor) on board and released a big cod and didnít they let us know. All we could muster 

from some 30 yards off the mark (where the anchor finally hooked) was three respectable 

Spangleís, caught by yours truly.


A move was called for by Brett as he now had his first Red Emperor on board and was keen to 

top up with some Nannygai, we werenít about to argue. So back toward the coast we went 

with a couple of unproductive stops on the way. The spot we were heading for is a small 

patch of rubble in 35m (yeah I can use metric), a once over with the sounder showed the fish 

were here so down went the pick. The first fish, a small mouth nannygai (50cm) was on board courtesy yours truly within five minutes, a bit unusual for this spot, usually only takes a minute. 

On our boat the action was hotting up when Brett gave us a call on the 27meg skiting about a 

20lb Silver Nanny (Large Mouth Nannygai) he just caught (turned out to be about 14 lb, still one 

prized fish), donít you just hate it when an invited guest not only beats you but has the 

temerity to let you know in no uncertain terms. Bret did however say that the action was 

rather quiet. Just the info I required, so half an hour later I informed him we were showing 

our hooks to do a count so as not to exceed our limit, talk about bite, the swiftness and 

ferocity was equal to that of a large Mackerel, Id have to say it was the best bit that night.

  We headed for home at midnight leaving the fish on the bite, on my boat we wound up 

with seven fish each to 60cm while Ray and Brett out did us in the quality stakes courtesy 

of Brettís two trophy fish.One couldnít ask for more on a balmy tropical night, a fair sea, 

good mates and some healthy fishing.  Sea ya out there.




Report by Shane Cunningham    3/11/03


The snapper have started to run up the bay and are being taken up to 10kg on pilchards,

sauris,squid and fresh fish fillets.

King George whiting are starting to show up in large numbers and being taken on bass

 yabbies and pippies

Gummy and school sharks to 6 feet also around
A few salmon still around being taken on lures and fly the whiting are starting to show up

 along with the odd gummy shark and snapper.

A few perch and flathead to 2.5kg have been reported
around the snags and around the horse shoe.
If your down this way drop in and have a look at our range of REEL-EM-IN fishing gear
Shane Cunningham 
e-mail tabshane@telstra.com address 298 White Rd Wonthaggi 3995

Report by Des Kenyon Great fishing trip out of Bundaberg

We headed out from the port at about 11am on the 23/11/2003 on our way back to Brisbane

 and stopped for 2 hours to do some reef fishing over a gravel patch. There was a good show

 of fish on the sounder so we did some drifting and it wasn't long before we started catching

 some nice fish  Red Emperor Sweet lip and Parrot 

DCP_4133.JPG (229506 bytes) DCP_4135.JPG.jpg (6873 bytes) DCP_4158.JPG (65736 bytes) DCP_4171.JPG (57106 bytes) DCP_4168.JPG (10981 bytes)       

 DCP_4172.JPG (11054 bytes)  DCP_4175.JPG (61580 bytes) DCP_4202.JPG (65208 bytes) DCP_4203.JPG (74520 bytes) DCP_4181.JPG (9979 bytes)


Fraser Island 24/98/2003-31/8/2003

The weather was great and the house we stayed in Orchid Sands was fantastic plenty of 

room for 14 people in the house,  with room for 6 more in a self contained shed if required. 

 We started fishing on the 25/8/2003 at the beach just in front of the old resort under the 

palm trees. The fishing was great with a mixed bag of Tailor Dart and Trevally .We managed

 to catch 658 fish for the week not a bad effort for the amount of effort we put in.  

 The sharks were in the gutters as usual giving you the eye ball as they went up and down

 the gutter. 



We finished up with mixed bag of 686 fish for the week most of these were caught on 

the following lures

The Prince 6cm8cm Shad  all colours $6.50

The silver and gold Minnow lures $5.00

An the Dandy Mackerel lures and Diver lures FROM $3.75


Fishing report by Andre 3/6/2003 

Went out to the 9 mile last Wednesday with a mate, floating pillies near a couple of snapper traps.  We had 

twenty one hook ups for 17 keepers, the smallest being 35cm.  Biggest snapper caught on the day was a 6.9kg 

snapper with a flowery cod of 13kg also being caught by Paul.  Trevally and sweep were also being caught on light

 line.  Used the 8ft pelagic with a 6000 reel.  Went well.  Highlight of the day was watching two whales breaching 

and frolicking near the boat.  Suggestion of the week, 9 mile is looking pretty good at the moment as we are coming 

up to snapper season and they are certainly on the run but be weary of the tweed bar as we had to end up surfing in. 

  Good fishing tight lines.  Andre


Fishing report by Des Kenyon from the21/4/2003 TO THE 27/4/2003 

One week at Burubbra Island  just out of Bundaberg

What a fantastic week, fishing, crabbing, and just relaxing.   We caught 38 crabs and 76 

Bream between the 5 of us not a bad score considering the Weather conditions wind , 

wind and morewind with rain towards the end of the week.

It was funny the female crabs were out on the prowl by night with the male crabs coming on

 during the day.  Most of the fish were caught at the beginning of the week with catches of 

24 on Tuesday and 33 on the Wednesday  with the remainder coming in dribs and drabs.

DCP_3660.JPG (58450 bytes) DCP_3667.JPG (128731 bytes) DCP_3668.JPG (170809 bytes)  DCP_3676.JPG (140177 bytes) DCP_3680.JPG (274910 bytes)  DCP_3683.JPG (128717 bytes)

see larger photos


A friendly and competitive fishing charter was put together by friends and staff of Optical Networks Queensland 

( On Que ) and NDC. Tom Cat Charters out of Raby Bay were on the ball with Dave Palermo captaining the boat.

 Battling the wind and rain all day Dave still put us on to the fish everytime, and between all a mixed bag of over fifty

 fish were caught, Squire were the bulk of the catch with mixed reef fish like Pearl Perch, Parrot, Wrasse and even

 Trevally were taken. We also took home two  good size Amberjack which were caught on the 37 Fathom mark off

 Moreton Island and the other at Shallow Tempest.

greg1.gif (52910 bytes)  greg2.gif (47227 bytes) IMG_0102.JPG (345686 bytes) IMG_0097.JPG (272048 bytes)

report by Greg Fay

Moreton bay  15/2/2003

SPOTTY MACKEREL PATCHY          19/11/2002

In the morning we headed out to the bird cages but for some reason only one other boat 

was out here.....

( I think everyone else new more that we did)  as we only boated three small spotty Mackerel 

 and  missed one beauty on the surface. The fishing were feeding on the surface but as soon as you got near the school 

they would disappear.

Don't forget the new size limits and bag limits Spotty Mackerel 60cm 5 per person

 I just hope they can do this when the Ring net guys are about.

    Until Next time keep catching em


Trawler operators ,SPOTTY MACKEREL & Ring netters        25/1/2002

What a great public holiday, of course it's a Monday the conditions where out of this world. 

 A slight breeze at the boat ramp  and the water was crystal clear,  Barry Parker myself and 

his Father Neil had decided to head over to the four beacons or the wrecks in search of some

 more Spotty Mackerel on  the inside of Moreton Island.   It's No wonder the fish, crabs and 

prawns are being depleted in Moreton Bay,  as we counted 22 trawlers working every inch 

of the bay on the way over there.  One of the trawlers,  we were following was just sorting 

the catch and I can say that there were no live fish going back,  as we all stood there and 

watched the Sea gulls picking  up the dead by-catch.   When are these so called Professional 

fishermen and the Government going to learn that this type of rape and pillaging has to

 stop.....  I believe we need to get behind these fish farmers  and make them the best in the

 world.   If managed in the proper way Moreton Bay

 with the help Government and Environmental agencies  could make this the best thing even

 for us fishermen....Just imagine if they released 5 % of all fish being breed back into the bay,

 wouldn't that be better than the needless killing that the trawler operators are doing now.  

Any  way back to fishing we only managed to land two Spotty Mackerel at the Wrecks for the 

morning, so we started heading home, as we got closer to Mud island we saw some boats tied

 together so we decided to take a closer look. It was Professional fishermen  ring netters this

 time pulling in 3 Mackerel with every one meter of net ( no wonder there numbers 

are under threat ).  We pulled up closer and started watching them and I thought I'd take 

some photo's of the dead fish in the net. As we watched them one of the guys pulled out a

 telescope and  started  looking  out to see behind our boat as there was a new outbreak of 

fish on the surface.    We started up the motor and when chasing this school and managed 

to catch another two fish.  With four fish on board  we called it a day and headed home.

Some how the figures don't add up on who's doing the most damage in the bay.

Ring netting to cease in MAY 2003 if there are any left


report by Des Kenyon 



                                 Somerset Dam     Report by Frank Trott    112002

Lyn and Frank Trott had a fun day on the Somerset dam in November 2002 with the largest fish

 caught for the day being a Golden Perch ( yellow Belly) weighting in at 2.9kg at 53cm Frank 

then caught a nice Australian Bass at 55cm which was released. 

frank.JPG (17104 bytes)  frank1.JPG (14996 bytes)   large photo                              


SARATOGA TRIP 07/01/03-09/01/03 by Steve Brown

After an early morning start we arrived at our destination, after a 6-hour drive with the last 

70 kís really being quite rough with nothing but an extremely corrugated dirt road to travel on.

 We arrived at the property right on the Dawson River mid-afternoon quickly set up camp 

and got the boat into the water for a late afternoon fish, our target species for this trip was 

the mighty Saratoga or better known as the Dawson River Barramundi named this due to its 

ability to put on awesome aerial displays and tail walking antics similar to the Barramundi of 

the far North.

The techniques we would be using were Fly, Spinner bait, Hard bodied lures and Softplastics, 

we arrived at the first likely looking area and cast spinner baits to the snags this area proved

 unsuccessful so after about 20 minutes we moved on, we found another likely looking spot at

 the mouth of a small creek I had changed to a big Bite 3Ē single tail grub a lure I had quite a

 lot of success with on Flathead and Mangrove Jack I cast it to the bank side cover when the 

line stopped and began to race away at a great rate of knots I struck hard and then the 

Saratoga jumped a good fish of about 55cmís, after a few anxious moments I had the fish

 back to the boat for a quick 

photo and then released him back into the river, we fished till dark and accounted for another 

6 fish for the afternoon.

After wakening up early we were back on the water by sun up, and I decided to attack the 

fish on fly so was armed with my Reel-Em-In #6-7 freshwater fly rod with intermediate line 

and a Dahlberg Diver fly I like thisset up as the fly soaks up the water it becomes sub-surface 

making it irrestible to the Toga after about 20 

minutes I had my first fish to the boat at 58cmís it proved quite a handful on this outfit 

should have brought the #8. Once the sun got up a little higher the fish went quite so I 

changed to a spinner bait once again as soon as 

the lure hit the water the action was on we boated another 20 fish by the end of our first 

full day of fishing.

On the last day I decided to use soft plastics only and accounted for 3 out of the final 4 fish

 caught this was achieved by using a Big Bite 3Ē Shad Carolina rigged and worked slowly 

along the bottom of the river. After the last session of 4 hours we had accounted for 30 

Saratoga, 8 Fork Tailed Catfish and 1 very lonely Yellow Belly, I had a great trip to a great

 part of Queensland canít wait for the next trip. 

TOGA ON A SHAD.jpg (19985 bytes)    Toga Pics 003.jpg (17354 bytes)  Toga Pics 004.jpg (15413 bytes)  (photo's)


Report by Des Kenyon 4/1/2003

What a Great trip to start the New Year off for 2003       Dcp_3560.jpg (59644 bytes)

We started out late at 8.30am on the 3/1/2003 to go fishing outside the jumping pin bar,  

but  after hearing the weather was to get up to 15-20 we decided to have a look first.

  Once we were half way across the bar we decided to it was going to get too rough outside, 

 so we turned around and started asking where else we could go fishing.  We had just started 

sounding a nice little hole near Swan bay when Barry Parker came up to  So off we headed 

for this 65 km Two and half hour trip up to the Four Beacons and up to the wrecks on  

the inside of Moreton Island. 


The views were fantastic wpe3.jpg (53246 bytes) Dcp_3543.jpg (56948 bytes)   as we passed the homes on the 

Russell and Macleay Island.  It was then up past Peel Island , North Stradbroke and then out 

to the Chain Banks marker and back over to Moreton Island.  

We pulled up at the Four Beacons and tried to fish but the wind was blowing and the tide 

was belting out so we decided  to move into calmer waters and have some lunch.    After 

lunch we  headed back out to the E3 beacon and waited another 3 hours for the tide to turn 

with only one fish being landed for the afternoon, Things were not looking good.   As we 

drove back towards the wrecks, we could see schools of fish playing in the water and 

managed to land 2 Mackerel on lures just before night fall,  bring our score to  3 fish for the 

first day.  We anchored up in the wrecks for the night and cooked up one of the Mackerel 

for dinner with Mashed Potato tinned carrots and Peas, a meal fit for a King.  After cleaning 

up the mess,we re-baited our lines and fished here for a few hours before turning in for the 

night.  We got up early and started Chasing the schools of fish,  casting  lures on the surface 

and drifting  with  pilies  on the bottom it was not long before we had boated another 3 

 Mackerel.  We keep moving to keep up with the fish and each time 

we managed to boat a few more,  by 9.30 am we had 14 fish on board so we called it a day 

and started heading home on our two and a half hour trip.     (Great trip had by all) 

But don't tell mum about the fuel bill.     (More photo's)

Des Kenyon, Barry Parker, Don Haisman, and skipper  Ian Haisman.

  Dcp_3566.jpg (95187 bytes) Dcp_3565.jpg (79694 bytes) Dcp_3562.jpg (56433 bytes) Dcp_3572.jpg (95914 bytes) Dcp_3568.jpg (99739 bytes) Dcp_3538.jpg (48793 bytes)

Fish to be shown on Brownies Coast watch 9/1/2003

Report by Steve Brown

Went to the upper reaches of the Brisbane river on Sunday 08/12/02 the weather was magnificent and the 

water crystal clear, and the temp was exceptionally hot. we decided that we would fish about a 1klm stretch 

of river where we had caught good Bass in the past, we were using soft plastics once again and both of us 

were armed with 3" single tail grubs in white we had fished this area before very successfully with white 

1/4 oz spinner baits so thought would change our tact but not the colour due to past experience.

 Fished the area extremely hard but only managed 2 fish for 6 hours fishing both were caught on the soft 

plastics mentioned but we added spinner bait blades just for the added attraction factor, not a great day fish

 wise but to fish in this pristine stretch of the Brissy river was a absolute pleasure.

Bombers Brissy River Bass.jpg (9733 bytes)


Report from Awoonga Dam  by John Eldred           Nov 2002  Awoonga2.jpg (770580 bytes)

After 3 trips to Awoonga Dam I finally scored a barra.  Not real big at 2.5Kg but a start.  Caught 4.40am Thursday 

21/11/2002, the morning following the full moon.  A shallow bomber 15A did the trick.          

 The following morning saw the catch improve with a nice 3.2Kg caught 4.20am Friday 22/11/2002, also taken 

on a shallow bomber 15A.

The wife (Cheryl) came up to join me for the final few days of the trip and nailed a nice  6.6Kg barra   3.45am 

Saturday 23/11/2002 on a Reidy's Aqua Rat with a shallow bib.  Obviously she won't be invited again.

There was a retired dairy farmer from Gympie named Francis camped next to me.  He'd been there a week and 

never had a hit from anything except catfish so I asked him out in the boat on the Sunday morning for a final tilt 

at the barra. We launched at 3.30am Sunday 24/11/2002 and motored out 100m from the ramp and started trolling.

  At 3.31am I cast out an Reidy's Aqua Rat lure and handed him the rod.  As soon as I cast my rod out he got a strike. 

 15mins later a 17.2Kg / 1020mm Barra was next to the boat.I gaffed the fish (It wouldn't fit in the net anyway) and went

 to shake hands with him but his hands were shaking already, mind you, so were mine. 

What a great fish to end the trip on.     COPYAwoonga4.JPG (34067 bytes)

Over breakfast later that morning I had a chat with the better half and secured a leave pass for the full moon in

 Febuary 2003 to have another go at the barra.  See you there.

COPYAwoonga1.JPG (29391 bytes)               

Thursday 23/11/2002           FRIDAY 22/11/2002                          Nice Barra Cheryl            Nice way to end a trip


We were going to go chasing Mackerel on the Wednesday morning but because of the calm 

weather conditions we decided to head out on Tuesday night to a small reef just in front of 

the Bribe Island DPI compound.  We were only there for about 10 minutes when all hell 

broke loose, dads 7' Pelagic rod was bent over to the max with the rod tip touching the water. 

The Ha 6000 reel loaded with clear 30lb Reel-em-in line was working hard with the drag being 

tested all the way. The battle lasted for about 20 minutes before any ground was made on the 

fish what so ever. There were lots of questions flying about wondering what it might of be but 

it was only when the fish surfaced that we could see it was a

 beautiful Flowery Cod. The next morning we headed out to the bird cages and only saw two Mackerel landed  between 4 boats we missed one strike and only boated a small black tiped 

shark. Next time we'll catch them.

dads cod 1.JPG (18205 bytes)  nice cod

     report by Des Kenyon

Well due to work commitments and my sponsorship deal through Big Bite Soft Plastics I had 

not been able to fish as much or when I have wanted too of late, so when the opportunity 

arose for me to go on a trip with a mate just for fun I jumped at the chance. The area we 

had chosen to fish was a very small rubbly reef  with in swimming distance of one of the

 local beachís up here at Bribie, my companion was a dedicated bait fisherman while I was

 keen to try and jig some soft plastics for our target species of Squire.

 We arrived at the little reef around 2 hours before the top of the tide and the plan was to 

fish up to a couple of hours after the high. This area only produces decent fish according to

 my mate at night and on this particular tide due to its relative shallow depth with its  

deepest point only being 2mtrís. On arrival he began berlying before throwing out his first 

unweighted half pillie within about 5 minutes he had his first Squire to the boat a healthy 

specimen of 48cmís, he then began to catch a procession of Squire the biggest being 60cmís

 and 2 Bream one at 38 cmís and another at 42 cmís.

 Still I stayed down the back jigging the soft plastic up and down, up and down when I was 

walloped by a decent fish I could tell that it was a Squire by the telltale head shakes and the 

solid runs for cover, I had the situation pretty much under control with the lure attached to 

30lb Muscle Braid loaded up on the Reel-EM- IN 7í Pelagic 

and the HA6000A after a great little fight I had my first Soft Plastic caught Squire and a fine 

specimen I must say at 52cmís.

Hi All,

Well what a week the Big Fella and myself had fishing the third annual Peter faust dam Barra 

comp, we  ran fifth out of a field of 36 something we were extremely happy with as we both

 had only fished this dam once before some 2 years ago and finished way down the ladder on 

that occassion. The fishing was excellent for the week leading up to the comp with water

 temp although not ideal still had the fish on the chew at around the 24 deg C mark, we

 struggled for the first day or so trying to subdue these monstrous fish with 25KG's not 

uncommon once we worked out the system for landing these HOOERS the fish began to come

 thick and fast. Unfortunately on the comp day 20 to 25 knots of wind moved in and the fish 

became extremely shy with Brett and myself only boating 2 Sooties mine at 465mm and Bretts

 a 420mm, we discussed tactics and decided to leave a patch of small barra alone that we had 

found and to use these only if we were desperate and the wind abated, as the area where 

these fish were holding was impossible to fish in all but 

the slightest breeze. Day 2 once again dawned windy so went to another area where we 

knew fish were but 1    missed strike was it the wind seemed to have dropped a tad so plan

 B swung into action we went to the small barra haven we had found a few days before and 

boated 3 fish in 20 minutes a 600mm, 620mm and a 700 after    this you guessed it up came 

the stinking wind. Oh well back to our old haunts casting till our arms felt as if they would 

almost surely fall off with about 1 hour of the comp remaining The Big Fella hooked an absolute 

horse of MAMMOTH proportions but this fish proceeded to straighten the 3x strength trebles

 with ease by the size of the hole this fish left in the water as it escaped this fish was well 

and truly over the meter mark, but that was it for   us with Brett struggling through the 

pain barrier with a badly poisoined leg courteousy of a Barra spike 2 days before we called 

it quits. We had success on 4" Big Bite Chateruse Shads as well as a variety of hard bodied 

lures the tally for the week was around the 50 odd fish hooked with only around 10 boated. 

This is one of the premier Barra dams in Australia and my belief is that it is the best with fish

 in excess of 50lb being encountered regularly    I will be back as they say in the classics BIGGER, BETTER and ready to do battle with the Barra of Faust.

Regards,  THE BOMBER CHATREUSE SHAD BARRA AT FAUST.gif (41626 bytes) Nice barra


Well due to work commitments and my sponsorship deal through Big Bite Soft Plastics I had

 not been able to fish as much or when I have wanted too of late, so when the opportunity 

arose for me to go on a trip with a mate just for fun I jumped at the chance. The area we

 had chosen to fish was a very small rubbly reef  with in swimming distance of one of the

 local beachís up here at Bribie, my companion was a dedicated bait fisherman while I was

 keen to try and jig some soft plastics for our target species of Squire.

 We arrived at the little reef around 2 hours before the top of the tide and the plan was to

 fish up to a couple of hours after the high. This area only produces decent fish according to 

my mate at night and on this particular tide due to its relative shallow depth with its  deepest 

point only being 2mtrís. On arrival he began berlying before throwing out his first 

unweighted half pillie within about 5 minutes he had his first Squire to the boat a healthy

 specimen of 48cmís, he then began to catch a procession of Squire the biggest being 

60cmís and 2 Bream one at 38 cmís and another at 42 cmís.

 Still I stayed down the back jigging the soft plastic up and down, up and down when I was

 walloped by a decent fish I could tell that it was a Squire by the telltale head shakes and 

the solid runs for cover, I had the situation pretty much under control with the lure attached 

to 30lb Muscle Braid loaded up on the Reel-EM- IN 7í Pelagic and the HA6000A after a great 

little fight I had my first Soft Plastic caught Squire and a fine specimen I must say at 52cmís.

 We continued to fish up to the 2 hour after the High tide and caught some great fish 

although the bait did out fish me on this particular evening the tally: bait 10 fish 8 

Squire and 2 Bream, Soft Plastics 6 Squire oh well at least my hands didnít stink of bait.

SQUIRE ON A 2 INCH GRUB.jpg (15566 bytes) Nice squire on soft plastics

Fishing the the Pinnacles                     by Des Kenyon 3-7-02

S2250515 E15056785                   Central Queensland

This was a fantastic trip out from Corio bay, the weather was fine and the only problem was 

the smoke haze from the fires. We set our GPS for the pinnacles and out we headed for the 

21.5km trip. As we got near the spot we could tell that we would be the only boat on the 

reef. So we decided to take a good  look around using our new Lowerance sounder to try '

and pick up a school of fish, which didn't take long. 

We anchored up over a school of fish and started fishing. It wasn't long before we had lost

 our first good sized fish (we now know why).  I was the next one to hook up and started

 to bring my fish to the surface when dad said that a big fish you've caught. The problem 

was that my fish was a small cod, that was just about to be taken by a 9 foot tiger shark. 

So I lifted the rod and wound it in as fast as I could saving the cod from the shark, but the '

shark managed to chase any chance of us catching fish away as it just  kept circling the boat, 

so we decided to move.

There are quite few pinnacles in this area so we anchored up again and it wasn't long before 

schools of fish started showing up on the sounder. We only managed to catch 11 trevally  and 

one Tuna for the day before another smaller shark about 6 foot long showed up so we called 

it a day and headed home.   I would of liked to of stayed and fished into the night as  this 

looked like a great night time spot.

Dcp_2950.jpg (114828 bytes) Dcp_2957.jpg (166397 bytes)  Dcp_2953.jpg (124616 bytes)  Dcp_2948.jpg (95386 bytes) Dcp_2966.jpg (94392 bytes)

Long island fishing report  by Des Kenyon 

It's a long............story

It all started  at 10.30am when we put the boat in at Shute Harbor, the wind was blowing at 

around 20 knot.  So here I was standing at the boat ramp trying hold the 4.95m Coast ranger 

for 20 minutes against the waves, while Barry parked the car in the secure car parking station 

for the week.   When he arrived at the boat we pushed the back out and he started the motor

 all was well, but with a push and a shove off out we went only to find that the motor would 

only idle and we had no acceleration. So back around to the next boat ramp near the barge 

jetty we put the boat up on the beach to try and fix the motor or see what was wrong,  this

 was a great start as the girls had left for the Island on the 11.00am catamaran  for the Island 

so we were on our own. 

After about 1 hour of playing around we reloaded the boat back on the trailer and headed up 

to the garage to see if we could fix the problem on dry land.  I was soaked to the bone by 

this stage.  After another hour we had the throttle cable all bound up with black tape and 

sticks, we thought the problem was solved, so back to the water and off we go.  This time 

we had about 10 more rev's above idle so we decided to troll fishing lines from Shute harbor 

to Long Island as this was the best we could do. 

We were only 5 minutes into the trip when I started looking for my rods only to find they 

were still attached to the ceiling of the patrol back at the car park,  so around we go again 

and beach the boat once more and another wasted 30 minutes getting my rods for the trip.

At 1.35pm we managed to head for long Island ,the trip over was rough all the way and the

 only  thing we managed to catch was the bottom once with our lures ....no fish at all. It was

 about 4.pm  when we parked the boat on the beach and took our first look at long Island. 

 It's a great place to stay, the rooms are comfortable and the whole place has a friendly 

atmosphere and the staff bend over backwards to look after all your needs. 

 Our fishing was limited because of the motor problems and the wind never stopped blowing 

under 20 knots for the whole week.  Even with these problems we still had a great time and 

 managed to catch some nice small sweet lip for the week,  just close to the resort.  One 

afternoon we took  Brett Thompson the Manager of Long Island and his son Ben out fishing 

hoping to catch some more nice Sweet lip but on this occasion Ben was the only lucky 

person to catch a fish for the afternoon .

 As to the fishing we wanted to do, well that's another story.

we'll have to try again 

The last two pictures are at fishing feeding time at the jetty


Dcp_2823.jpg (158032 bytes)  Dcp_2877.jpg (90154 bytes)  Dcp_2841.jpg (79558 bytes)  Dcp_2876.jpg (106841 bytes)  Dcp_2827.jpg (93225 bytes) Dcp_2860.jpg (163991 bytes)  

  Dcp_2869.jpg (111945 bytes)Dcp_2866.jpg (112593 bytes)Dcp_2867.jpg (65004 bytes)

GOLD COAST REPORT 8/6/2002 Des Kenyon

We headed out to the 24's straight out from the sea way for a nights fishing, it was all 

ready dark and you could see several lights in he distance when we got near the other 

boats we came across a good show of large fish on the sounder so we decided to anchor 

up and see what happened.  Well we fished well into the night with only 2 trag jew on 

board by about 11.30pm so we decided to move out to green a pastures so off we set. 

The problem was that after 20 minutes of extra traveling we ended up at the other lights 

only to find out they were trawlers working (bugger) so back into the 24 we headed right

 back to the same spot  to try again but the tide had slowed and at around 2 pm the fishing 

started and we landes 8 trag jew 4 nice squire and 3 talior all in all a good trip after a lot of 


Des Kenyon & Barry Parker

                                                                Bribie Report 26/05/02 Steve Brown

Myself and regular fishing partner Randall, fished one of my favourite little creeks off the Bribie Passage on Sunday,

what a glorious day very little wind a high tide around the 9am mark so no early start on a cool winters morn 

AHHHH luxury. Anyway motored to the mouth of the creek and tossed around some 2" Bream grubs in various

 colours managed a Flathead each, one at 50cm another at 41cm, went quite after these 2 fish so moved to a 

set of oyster racks once again the Bream grubs did the trick 5 Bream from 25cm's through to 30cm's.

Decided to follow the tide right up the top of the creek and work our way out casting at snags and rock bars 

managed another 4 Bream the largest being 33cm's, slowed down after this so motored over to the canals 

to finish the morning off caught 3 trevally smallest being 31cm's largest 50cm's.Another great day at Bribie

 only 1 fish kept the 50cm Flattie and all this in just over 4 hours home for lunch and the footie.

Hinchinbrook report 29/04/02- 04/05/02

After the 18-hour drive from my home on Bribie Island it was great to finally arrive at Cardwell in Far 

North Qld, on arrival  I met the mates I had been planning this trip with for the past 12 months. Our 

accommodation for the next5 days would be aboard a 32ft fully equipped houseboat from Hinchinbrook 

Houseboats, so after getting instruction on how to operate the vessel and the Doís and doníts aboard and

 what to expect in this beautiful location we set off. Our plan was to fish the Southern end of the channel

 in the vicinity of the Herbert River and Dungeness Creek, as I had been told this was thebetter option at

 this time of the year.Our fishing platforms for the week would be my 4.2mtr Clark King Barra a 3.9mtr 

Quintrex a 5.5 mtr Quintrex Reefmaster and the 3mtr Dory and 6HP motor supplied with the houseboat. 

As there were 8 of us on this trip thiswould leave 2 to a boat, which is comfortable where fly-fishing is 

also involved. After the 2 hour trip down the channel we finally arrived at our anchorage and all around 

us over the vast array of sand flats birds could be seendive bombing baitfish, we grabbed the sin sticks

 and the fly rods and took off in the direction of this piscatorial smorgasbord. After motoring up to a huge

 school of fish I cut the motor and used the Minn-Kota to put us into position then fired a cast ahead of the

 school and retrieved the slug passed the outside edge of the frenzied fishan instant hook-up the fish took 

off and had the HA6000 drag screaming ,after the initial blistering run the fishslowed down and after a few 

more short bursts I had a 3kg Salmon in the boat for a picture and then released. This went on for another

 hour , with all the boys having a ball on the huge numbers of fish all over these flats, the fish were Trevally,

 Queenfish and Salmon in the 2 to 4kg class as the tide moved further up the channel the bite slowed so it 

was back to the mother ship for a celebratory drink. Around the table after all the excitement hadsubsided 

we realized that between the 4 boats on the water we had caught and released in excess of 80 fish, 


The next morning everybody was up and rearing to go the plan was to fish different areas that we had 

pin-pointed on the chart, so I headed off to a little creek I imagined would hold fish, after a 30 minute boat

 trip my fishing partner and I arrived at the mouth of the creek mentioned , as the tide was almost at the top 

my plan was to head up as far as I could go in my boat and follow the run out tide, casting at any likely looking

 snags. We arrived at the end of the creek which looked more like a drain now and as the tide had started its

 move we began slowly working our way out of this great looking little creek casting at the millions of snags in 

the vicinity, after about2 hours of fruitless cast and retrieve we decided to drop anchor have a cuppa and a 

sanga and re-evaluate our tactics,I decided I was going to change from my Gold Bomber to a Manns 10+ in 

Gold with a Fire Engine red head my partner decided to go with the Prawnstar lure I had in the top of my

 tackle box. As there was an overhanging mangrove tree directly opposite I let fly with the Manns so it just 

skipped under the overhangand landed hard up against the bank, as I began the jerky retrieve that all barra

 seem to love I felt a bit of a nudge through the 30lb braid I was using was it the bottom or a stick when

 WHACK whatever had taken the lure went absolutely ballistic racing up the creek then back towards the 

boat I kept the rod low as I had no idea what I had hooked this went on for some moments when all of a

 sudden a beautiful silver sided saltwater barra leapt clear of the water, I could tell by the size of this fish 

that in the 6 years I had barra fished this was the best one to date. After a few more harrowing moments 

when I could feel the Knotted Dog leader I was using scrapingalong underwater obstructions and wondering

 if my knots would hold, finally the fish came to the side of the boat and was expertly netted by my fishing 

Buddy a quick photo and a trip to the lie detector and the fish was put back to fight another day, it weighed

11.5kg my biggest yet. The rest of the trip was absolutely awesome with 22 Barra caught in 4 Ĺ days all 

released except for 2 and we lost count of the Trevally, Mangrove Jack, Salmon, Grunter Bream and 

Queenfish we caught, roll on next year the planning has begun.

Spuddys Barra.jpg (67948 bytes)      




Due  no winds on Saturday morning 20/04/02  so we decided to go night fishing on the small reef just out in 

front of the DPI tanks infront of Bribe island.  We landes 4 nice Blackall and one Emperor Not a bad catch

 before the wind decided to blow and not let up,  this forced us back into the bay where we anchoed up for the

 night for a few hours sleep before heading out to the S1 beacon where we caught one nice Mack tuna and two

 small  spotty Mackerel.  All in all another good trip out from Bribe Island.

Barry caught the most fish and also scored the biggest Blackall, while mine is still swimming due to the sharp reef

 which saw me lose a nice fish after a short hard battle.  FISH PHOTO'S

  Copy of Dcp_2787.jpg (58584 bytes)  Copy of Dcp_2786.jpg (39175 bytes)  Copy of Dcp_2785.jpg (28793 bytes)  by Des Kenyon


Sunday 14/04/02        SOMERSET DAM                                  by Steve Brown

Fished Somerset Dam near Kilcoy on Sunday 14/04/02, hit the water at 6am and went straight to the timbers 

the weather was quite cool with a lot of fog, tossed spinnerbaits and hardbodied lures for close to an hour 

around fallen timber and old tree stumps also worked a couple of the points using these methods for another 

30 minutes for nil. Moved up the dam to Pelican Point a spot that had produced for me in the passed motored

 around until I found a fairly good show of fish on the sounder in 32ft used a 1/16oz jig head on a 3 inch single

 tail grub in chartreuse, pulled 5 fish from this school in 20 minutes then all went quite. Not long after this the wind

 came up so decided to call it a day, a little slow than I would like but hey thatís fishing all fish were released to

 fight another day all around the 35cm mark except for the one in the photo which measured 38cm.

Copy of steve Bass.jpg (8482 bytes) somerset bass



          Arrived home after being away for 1 week in Melbourne on business and with the tide being  right 

 and the wind having dropped decided to call my fishing partner and go for a night attack using 1 inch Bream 

grubs on the lease Bream in Ningi Ck. Got to the leases around 8:30pm and began the cast and retrieve method 

both of us had become used too Bruce got nailed on the fourth cast and a feisty little bream of 25cm was brought 

to the boat as this was a fun night we decided that any fish under 30 cm would go back, so back he went to fight 

another day.  After about half an hour things werenít looking up so moved up the creek to the next lease first cast 

I got smashed by the fish in the photo a good Bream of 38cmís, we managed another 12 Bream off this patch 

of lease but all under the magic 30cm measurement so all were released. All fish were caught using 1 inch soft

 plastic Bream grubs colour on the night didnít seem to matter, the tide was on the top and all fish were captured 

in this first 2 hours of the run out tide.                                                                    












 TUNA.jpg (12243 bytes) TUNA spotty mack.jpg (64489 bytes) MACKERAL  report by Des Kenyon



Due to the strong winds on Sunday 24/03/02 fished up the back creeks of Bribie Island for Mangrove Jack 

and Bream using soft Plastics and Lures, fished the run out tide the Flattie in the photo fell to a bream grub 

whilst casting to a steep bank targeting Bream it measured 65cmís fished for another 30 mins along this bank

 for little success a few small Bream to 28cms all released. Took the fellow in the photo for his first Jack attack

 on a Rock bar in a great spot I know have pulled 17 Jack off this set of rocks between October 2001 and

 March 2002. Dropped 2 excellent fish using Sunshine Minnows in LO1 caught this one using the same lure

 went 48cms. Trolled out of this particular creek for 3 more smallish Flathead around the 30 cm mark, cast 

Bream grubs to another mangrove bank for 2 fish both Bream 1 at 31cms and the other at 37cms.

cocos jack.jpg (5366 bytes)  JACK   steve brown1.jpg (11308 bytes) LEAHS                                     report by Steve Brown



Weather fine as we headed out for the S1 beacon, we were going after those spotty Mackerel that are starting 

to show up in Moreton Bay.  We landed 8 fish for the morning and lost 3 right beside the boat not bad for 2 and 

half hours work. We were using three 2/0 gangs hooks with a 60lb trace and small Western Australia pilchards.

GPS LOCATION       E153.15.479  S27.02.319  report by Des Kenyon

Copy of DCP_2768.jpg (22978 bytes)  Copy of Dcp_2763.jpg (28401 bytes)   





Good size Summer Whiting are being caught up in the passage we landed 9 nice fish and one Flathead in 

2 hours on the run in tide. We were fishing just out from the entrance to Glass house creek.  

Copy of Dcp_2756.jpg (21998 bytes)  whitting.jpg (22358 bytes)  whitting&flathead.jpg (8273 bytes)     report by Des Kenyon

    We had a great Easter weekend 2001 at the Carp busters competition at Beaudesert

See the photo's of the fish in the back of the truck ready for the fertilizer plant.  




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