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Recreational fishing rules in Queensland - Tidal waters  

Old fishing reports from 2000-2006 




Peel island fishing well   FISHING TRIP 04-02-2012 


We headed out to Peel island with two boats and fished the wreck on the Southern side of the island it was a run out tide and no sooner we arrived the fish came on the bite.  Robert and Barb cleaned up with 6 nice Mowongand 1 Flathead at 65 cm  while Pauline and myself only caught 2 Sweetlip one 30cm and the other 35cm  all in all a great afternoon and  a nice esky full of fish.


Peel island fishing well   FISHING TRIP 28-01-2012 


We headed out to Peel to give the new boat a run it's alley craft 4.10 with a 30hp mercury outboard motor we fished the wreck and caught 3 nice fish one squire and 2 Mowong in about 1 hour before we headed to the beach for a swim and a bite to eat.





Reported by des kenyon


Four wheel drive reef off Bribie Island    FISHING TRIP 2-01-2012 



Reported by Des Kenyon


We headed out 75km to Northwest island  from Gladstone harbour on Saturday morning at about 6.30am after traveling for about hour and a half we stop 

on a patch of reef about 10km from the island and started catching coral bream one after the other ideal for flesh baits . After a few hours of fishing we had 

11 nice fish on the esky and proceeded to the island for some lunch and a snorkel over the reef. In the afternoon we had a look around and tested a few new 

spots ready to do some night fishing. I landed one oversized chinaman fish the gave me a good work out only to be thrown back. As night fell we tied up

 the two boats ready for dinner and just as the sun went down  the wind started to howl and did not stop, so we decided to anchor up and stay close in

 close to the reef to get out of the rough seas. The noise of the waves smashing over the reef during the night was a little freighting but we stayed safe by

 not moving and By morning the wind had died down so we moved the boats together and had some breakfast before heading out again. We started

 fishing along the edge of the reef and landed another 20 nice fish before lunch after a quick bite to eat we headed home with the esky's full.  It was a 

great weekend all round.

Ian's boat caught about the same amount 32 fish giving a total of 63 fish for the two boats for the weekend. FISHING REPORT BY DES KENYON



Innisfail Fishing trip 25 04 09
What a day, what a trip, I've had some good runs in my time, but this one is going to be hard to beat.
We left Flying Fish point, Innisfail at around 6.30 am heading for the shelf to do a bit of trolling for Mackerel, Marlin, Tuna and hopefully pick up a

 bit of by-catch in the form of Red Emperor and Silvers (Saddle Tail Sea Perch).
With more than three meters run in the morning Dan, Wade and I decided it would be a good Mack tide on some of the wide shoals near the shelf,

 and  with luck we might get the odd tuna and hope of hopes a marlin. Unfortunately the water out wide was 27.5 degrees and there was very little

 surface action with no tuna or marling on the menu.
 On the shoals it was a different story altogether, when the tide was ripping with bait schools bursting through the surface in sheer panic as  the mackerel

 were on the chew. We trolled up Four Spaniards and two sharkie (Scaled ) Mackerel, along with two Trevally and a barracuda in what was a wild one 

and a half hour session. One rig that excelled is the Bibbed bait rig loaded with a garfish and smoked through the water, you could almost hear the Mack's

 teeth chattering in anticipation. The strikes came thick and fast with many strikes failing to hook up and one large Spaniard lost just out of gaff range.
As the action died off we headed out wide in search of tuna and marlin for no result.
Back at the start I mentioned by-catch, with the low tide approaching 3pm we moved to a spot I had marked earlier in the day whilst trolling. It is a bit of 

rough country in 68m of water and had a good look about it with small bumps and the odd fish or two showing on the sounder.
After anchoring the first to hook up went to big Dan, a bloke from Canada now residing in Innisfail. He was dusted well and truly by a fish that I took to be 

a big Red, Dan reckoned he had never had a fish pull so hard, I reckon that is understandable cause he comes from a place where they have to bash a hole

in the ice, and warm the beer up before they commence a fishing trip.
Next on was yours truly, using an Alvey Deep sea combo loaded with 80lb jig braid and 2 x 12/0 circle hooks attached. This was then rocket propelled to 

the bottom, fed a little slack and jammed in a rod holder to await the great moment. And it came sooner than later in the form of a 19lb head shaking, line 

scorching red that eventually succumbed to a wilting angler.
This was the start of on e of the best daytime Emperor runs I have experienced in some time. By 5am our 200lt esky was chokers with the Macks caugh

t earlier that day, 7 reds averaging 14lb, 5 Silvers averaging 10lb and a couple of Spangled Emperor for good measure.
To finish the trip wade hooked the monster from the deep on the Alvey and looked like he would wilt under pressure after 15 minutes with no gain for the

 effort. I put on a pair of gloves and gave some assistance while Dan gave a running commentary on the gains were making courtesy of the sounder. This 

thing was BIG and I was hurting, my primary concern was getting as much braid back on the spool as possible. Fifteen meters from the surface we had

 a glimpse of what looked like a huge tail wrapped shark seconds before the line parted, thank goodness.

You know what I like about trolling so much? By-catch!






Heron island and beyond. 14/11/2008  

A great weekend had by all we headed out from Gladstone harbor at about 5-30am on the 14/11/2009 heading for Heron Island the trip took a couple

 of hours to arrive at our first fishing location and it was not long before I had landed a large king fish what a great start to the trip.  But the  space in the

 esky's  was limited and they were full of ice and food and some cold beers so we had to fillet him straight away. We  spent the next few hours searching

 for some good spots to fish on the sounder and just having a good look around as this was our first trip into the area.  As the afternoon approached we

 headed into Heron Island as we had arranged to fill up the boats at Heron Island after filling the boats with  450 liters of fuel we were ready to go and do

 some night fishing. This is when we hit the big reds  so it was a good night and well worth the effort.  After a good nights sleep we had a quick dip near one

 of the reefs in the morning  as you can see in the picture it's just beautiful out here the trip home so great with the ocean as flat as a tack  can't wait for the

 next trip.  









FISHING REPORT by Des kenyon

Fishing the jumping pin 4/7/2008  by Terry Wootley 

A night to forget we headed down the pin in the hope of finding some nice Bream 

the weather forecast was for rain on Saturday but it arrived on Friday night we had caught 

5 fish by about 6.30 pm and it was looking good but as dark fell the fish cleared out and 

the rain and wind started. We fished until 1130pm and decided to call it a night as we had 

only improved our catch by one more fish. our best was 28cm 



Fishing the Tweed coast 13/5/2008 with Cushy Fishing charters 

   I was on Cushy fishing charters. The floater went off. Pilchard as bait with about 6 ball sinker. It really wasn't really my turn on the "special rod" but no one else moved so Kyle the skipper said "Derek get that". I didn't have to be asked twice. grabbed the rod and straight into the gimble. Felt the weight and knew I was on a good fish. Hoping against hope it might be a cobia which is number 1 on my hit list. Has been forever, never landed one. 10 minutes into the fight I am gaining heaps of line but still feeling the weight, runs are dying from the fish. This isn't a cobia. We have colour after about 12 minutes, lift and wind. "Nice kingy". 'Bullshit" from the skipper, " big knobby". I saw the fish and the adrenaline really kicked in. I have never seen a Snapper this big let alone landed one. the fish is on it's side, it's had enough. pump and gently wind to the net. In the net and on the deck, the boat has erupted with cheers and I am over the moon, hands shaking. I have just caught possibly my once in a life time Snapper. The whole boat is cheering. What a magnificent fish. Estimated weight is 10 kg which is one hell of a Snapper with a huge knob on the head: the fish's signature. Back in harbour later the fish was weighed at 10.5 kg.


We had a day of quality not quantity. Also caught was a 4.5 kg Spangled Emperor ( yellow sweetlip), several large slatey Bream ( mother in law fishes) , and a few nice parrot and pearlies. Reel Fishn were fishing the same area and caught lots of Parrot and pearlies but nothing real big. Just proves that fishing has no guarantees but lots of surprises.great day out for me and 3 workmates. Am so glad my mate got the Sweetie.



Fishing the Tweed coast 10/5/2008 with John Ede from Reel-Fishing charters 

The boys from Telstra advanced services decided to book a fishing trip with Reel-fishing charters organized by 

Jason Hector.  We  left the harbor at 6.00am and headed out through the tweed bar our first stop was to collect

 some bait for the day




  We then headed down the coast to chase some king fish but they  never turned up but 

Kevin did land a small amberjack.  As allways the weather was against us and the wind never 

let up which caused us to drift in the wrong direction.  After giving this an hour or two 

we headed back to the nine mile reef where we started to caught some nice parrot fish

 and some other small reef fish. 

 A nice parrot  6.5 KG

caught by Des kenyon one of the biggest for this area 

all in all we had a great day even if the fish did not want to play. 



Innisfail fishing WEEKEND 28/2/2008

Oh by the way there must be something about that 200lt esky with the

soft lid. I have been fishing with it twice and filled it both times.

Last trip, Sunday we (3 of us) left harbor at 5 am and had it full by

9.30 am and that is with an hours run to get there. Bloody tough eh?


Small snapper around  green buoy at Mud Island and only 3 good sized sand crabs to report 



Innisfail fishing WEEKEND 24 TO 25/11/2007

We left Mourilyan harbor at 10am and headed out directly into ideal conditions in a 16ft 

side console tinny, our first spot I had fished previously was the sunken trawler, offering

 some protection to a-lot of fish,  we then headed 27km out from home to the start of 

the reef. After a bit of popper action we headed out to the 60km mark chasing some reds

 what a weekend  We just had a great weekend with Garry fishing out on the barrier reef.   We

 caught the last plane out of Brisbane and arrived in Cairns at 1230pm on Friday night we 

arrived in Innisfail at about 1.30am in the morning and went straight to bed, after a few hours 

sleep we got all the gear and the boat ready and headed out for a fun filled day testing all the

 new gear.  We left Mourilyanharbor at 10am and headed out directly into ideal conditions 

in a 16ft side console tinny, our first spot I had fished previously was the sunken trawler, 

offering some protection to a-lot of fish, we then headed 27km out from home to the start

 of the reef. After a bit of popper action we headed out to the 60km  off shore to the outer 

reef in a 4.9m tinny and the fishing was fantastic.  We caught lots and lots of fish using all of our

 lures, and we tested the new high speed Medallist reels they are fantastic. We were hauling in 

large sized bludgers one after another and double hooks up were common. The 7 ft pelagic and

 the Shakespeare pink ugly sticks had a great work out and they worked a treat when matched to 

 the 10 ball bearing Medallist reels. Here are some of the fish caught on the weekend below.  one

 thing is for sure our range gear worked a treat we were using our 50lb braid with 80lb leader line

 on the g50 and g40 contender rod and reel combo’s while bottom bashing for the reds and large

 sweetlip.Here is a bludger caught on 33lb geisha with our 90g mackerel lures these were caught

 jigging up from the bottom we also used the chrome dancers and had lots of fun until our arms were 

sore from fighting fish.








29th OCT 2007 

I caught this one on the weekend using the G40l loaded with the green mono line from 

Platypus mounted on an old  game rod from my chartering days. I was impressed with the 

drag system on the Pfluger, it didn't miss a beat  although it almost killed me. My mate

 grabbed it by the tail and lifted it aboard for photos before being released. I haven't 

seen a yellow fin this big up our way. Normally they are around the 15 to 35lb mark. This

 fish would have weighed over the 20kilo mark.

24 Toyota classic  19th - 25th may 2007 

We had a great trip to the 24th Toyota fishing classic we headed up one day early 

and set up camp. There were 15 guys in the Australian Capital fishing team  in our 

camp with 4 boats and 6 cars & one caravan. The weather was great  and we fish every 

day for a full week.


this was a great camp to unwind in  and enjoy the week 

see you all next year 



SOME NICE FISH CAUGHT BY Karen and Derek Jones 21/4/2007 



Attached are photos of the Mackerel caught on the Medallist. Nathan caught the one held in his left hand, 

the larger ofthe two and in the second photo Joe is holding the one he accounted for in his right hand.

All three lads are from Newcastle and are up here doing re-construction work post Cyclone Larry


a couple of fish we

cautght last weekend. We filled the 150lt esky in 2 1/2hrs in miserable

conditions, cold, wet but not a lot of wind, you are meant to feel sorry

for me.




Macko 10 kg & Lacklan Morris.

Silver Nanny & Robert Shinn


Fishing KURUMBA   by Garry Nichols   19/6/2006 

One Queenie on the first day with the above then the weather turned

messy. Next day I woke up to find two rods missing from the boat. The

Pfluger 9000 spin reel coupled to an 8' pelagic that I had not used

although I had lent it to a bloke on board as his gear was crap. Also

lost a HA3000 loaded with braid mounted on my late fathers Shimmano Bull

whip. They new what they were after as they picked up another blokes

combo from a rod holder and placed it back on the boat floor choosing

instead my Reel-Em In gear. It goes to show that even thieves have taste.







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