Alvey 700C5RR  Rapid retrieve handle
ID#: B1261  

700C5RR 1:1 900M - 9 KG not required


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Our largest diameter surf reel already has a good recovery rate and this has been improved with the addition of the rapid retrieve handle plate system to this reel. Up to 30% extra recovery rate can be achieved using the small handle, and fish stopping 1:1 power is available from the outer handle. Ideal if you like to do some lure spinning in the surf or off the rocks.

The smooth clutch  is a multi-plate design with polished brass plates combined with fibre friction washers  which can also withstand very high temperatures. For a smooth action from your clutch we recommend Alvey Reel Oil for lubrication.

A fish alert switch  on the back side of the reel can be engaged when leaving the rod and reel unattended to warn you of a fish taking line.

Ideal for tailor, salmon, mackerel.

Left handed reels are available.


  • 11'6" SURF LIGHT
  • 12" SURF                    E1059
  • 8' PELAGIC                  E1057
  • 7' PELAGIC                  E1056
  • 6'6" REEF                     E1055
  • 12' REEL-EM-IN CUSTOM SURF ROD     B1092
  • 10'6" REEL-EM-IN CUSTOM SURF ROD   B1091